Britain’s Channel 4 undercover journalists revealed that 500,000 PPI claims may have received improper judgement from the Financial Ombudsman Service. According to the probers, some interviewed employees mentioned making decisions without investigating all details thoroughly to meet strict deadlines for pay rises and promotions.

The Financial Ombudsman is the consumer’s final decision-maker when banks unexpectedly reject a valid complaint. However, due to the Ombudsman’s aggressive employee incentives system and huge workload, many employees are pressured to make decisions based on less than half the actual data to avoid staying in late after work hours.

The FOS’ system is similar to UK financial institutions causing the PPI claims scandal through an aggressive sales culture, high quotas, and incentivising high work volumes without consideration for the consumer’s situation.

The UK PPI bill has now reached a payout value of £30 billion by February 2018. According to observers, the FCA’s advertising campaign had done well to increase the figures. More consumers are making PPI claims before the appointed August 29, 2019 deadline.

Meanwhile, the FOS said it is increasing its workforce to meet the possibly straining requirements from last-minute claimants that may arrive in 2019. Currently, it is facing 5,000 complaints coming in per week.