MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis has gripes against the FCA’s efficient £42.2 million PPI claims advertising campaign. He said consumers asked to search for “FCA PPI” can likely land on claims management company pages. It may mislead customers that payment is not optional when reclaiming PPI refunds.

Lewis said the FCA should have displayed its URL instead of depending on search engines.

He explained that search engine marketing uses certain keywords to display their advertisements. These ads display as the first to third results in most websites after searchees use the “FCA PPI” phrase. The organic result, which is the FCA’s PPI information website, displays a little bit lower.

Lewis’ worry extends towards the non-tech savvy PPI claimants that the process and advertisements might confuse. It can lead them down towards contacting a CMC to reclaim their refunds, which could have been an avoidable experience.

The UK’s payment protection insurance scandal is the biggest of all time. It has accumulated £40 billion in repayment for all consumers mis-sold the insurance policy. The product is effective in itself. However, because purchasing consumers were initially ineligible for the insurance, they couldn’t make use of the policy and can demand refunds.

The Financial Conduct Authority announced in March 2017 that August 29, 2019 is the last day to reclaim refunds from any mis-sold PPI.