Despite rumours and even discoveries by undercover individuals regarding banks unscrupulously rejecting all complaints without proper evaluation, banks are liable for claims rejected without proper grounds. The Financial Ombudsman Service is likely to side with consumers but it is important consumers understand how to prove their claims as correct before the Ombudsman.

All consumers should have their PPI repayments and billing statements in check. A data access request worth £10 is a good investment especially for mortgages; banks are likely to state their six-year account-holding premise, enabling them to reject a complaint on false evidence. A data access request does away with this as it enables consumers to access all their activities regarding their PPI, mortgage and other financing.

Banks are likely to reject your complaint without proper evaluation. Signs of these include an apology letter of rejection without detailing important account details or reasons for rejecting the complaint and the bank delaying the results of one’s complaint. The Financial Conduct Authority had once penalised several banks for taking too long to respond to consumer complaints.

Lastly, the Financial Ombudsman is willing to take on a complaint as long as the logic is sound. However, it can take time to process the complaint with the Financial Ombudsman. It would be best to use a PPI claims service to ensure your complaints would succeed while saving time.