How To Make A PPI Claim And Come Out On Top

How To Make A PPI Claim

Still haven’t put in for your PPI claim yet? When this article was first written, that wasn’t such a big deal as there was plenty of time to claim. And there still is, but time is probably running out, though.

It’s looking likely that by early 2016, a PPI claims deadline will be implemented. Assuming it does indeed go ahead, the clock will then be ticking on getting your money back.

Here you’ll discover the important points on how to make a PPI claim and, more importantly, how to come out on top.

Literally millions of claims have already been settled but, worryingly, not all of them were processed fairly.

In August (2014), PPI found itself in the news once again when the BBC reported that 2.5 million PPI claims are to be re-examined because it has come to light that the claimants were short changed with the refunds they received. In some cases, perfectly legitimate claims were outright rejected with no refund awarded at all.

With several million claims yet to be made, it’s important the same thing doesn’t happen again, especially with your claims.

What are the options for making a PPI claim?

In broad terms, there are two ways you can claim back your money from mis-sold payment protection insurance, which are:

  1. Claim by yourself, or
  2. Claim with the help of a professional firm

There are advantages to both options, which are explained for you below.

How To Make A PPI Claim by Yourself

To make a PPI claim by yourself, you’ll need to have the following information organised and in place before you begin:

  1. The policies you wish you to claim on (it’s not possible to group claims together, so if you have several policies with PPI attached, each one will need to be treated individually)
  2. The account numbers for each policy you wish to claim on
  3. The paperwork in respect of each policy

One big problem many people claiming by themselves often face is not knowing many of the necessary and important details. The most common instances are being unaware of certain policies even having PPI on them and also not knowing account numbers.

If you’re not sure which of your loans, mortgages or other credit agreements have or had PPI attached, this is the first thing you’ll need to find out. It may be obvious but it’s worth stating that you can’t claim on something you don’t know exists.

Find All Your Paperwork

If you’ve only ever had just a few credit agreements or loans in the past, then you’ll probably be able to cast your mind back and recall what they were. Hopefully you still have the paperwork too. If so, collect it from your files and go through each policy looking for instances of PPI.

Important Point To Remember When Looking For PPI

Payment protection insurance often goes by names other than PPI, so it’s important that you’re vigilant and keep an eye out for names other than ‘PPI’. It can be easy to be so focussed on looking for one thing in particular that other equally important items are missed.

Here’s a list of other names you’ll need to keep an eye out for:

  • ASU (Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover)
  • Loan repayment insurance
  • Loan protection
  • Loan care
  • Income protection
  • Credit insurance
  • Account cover
  • Payment cover
  • Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance
  • Credit Protection Insurance
  • Personal Loan Protection
  • Credit Card Repayment Protection
  • Card protection

If you no longer have your paperwork due to clearing it out or losing it, you’ll need to use the next step.

Run A Credit Check On Yourself

The next step in finding out how to make a PPI claim is to run a credit check on yourself.

Whenever you apply for any kind of loan or credit agreement, your bank will run a credit check on you to determine whether you’re a good candidate for a loan. You can use the very same service that the banks use to find out your entire loan and credit history.

This is an excellent option to have if you no longer have paperwork or you suspect you may have had PPI on old loans and credit agreements that you’ve since forgotten about.

The service we use and recommend – which is also the same service that most banks use – is Credit Expert by Experian (

They offer a trial period of 30 days, which means you can find out everything you need to know and then cancel if you don’t wish to continue the service afterwards, thus costing you nothing.

Use A Fine Tooth Comb

Once you have your full history, you’ll need to go through everything very carefully and look for instances of PPI.

But be careful! Remember from above that PPI can go under many different names, so you must be vigilant as you go through all your paperwork and credit history.

Filing Your PPI Claim

The last stage in the process is to actually go ahead and make a claim for any PPI that you believe was mis-sold.

If you wish to handle your own claims, click here to download a PPI claim form (remember to print out one copy for each claim you wish to make).

How To Make A PPI Claim With Professional Help

The other way to claim PPI is to get the help of a reputable PPI claims company.

As you may well be thinking after having read this far, there’s quite a lot of work involved in making a PPI claim.

If your credit history is somewhat sketchy or you can’t remember old account numbers or simply don’t have the paperwork, then the preparation work can be time consuming.

If you miss something which means you fail to claim on a policy that you should claim on, it could mean the difference between getting nothing or winning back a considerable sum of money.

While there will be a fee involved if you decide to use a PPI claims company to handle your claims, many people find that it is money well spent because of the time, effort and stress it saves them. A good claims company will be able to find and uncover hidden PPI that individuals may miss on their own.

Transparent And Upfront

A good, honest and reliable PPI claims company will be transparent in their dealings, with nothing hidden and no tricky clauses designed to catch you out and dupe you out of your money for a second time.

Here’s what to look for in a good PPI claims company:

  • No win, no fee: If you don’t have PPI or you do have it but it wasn’t mis-sold, you shouldn’t have to pay a penny for the service. Never pay an upfront fee to have your claims looked into.
  • Satisfied clients: Do they have a track record of successfully helping people win back their money from mis-sold PPI?
  • No obligation help: Are you able to contact them and ask questions, get a PPI calculation figure and general get help without any obligation to take things further if you decide not to?

How To Make A PPI Claim Summarised

You have two choices when making your PPI claim, which are 1) to do it yourself or 2) enlist the help of a good PPI claims company.

Doing it yourself means you’ll keep 100% of any refund you win, but it also means doing the initial investigations into your credit history, assuming you don’t have everything documented for easy reference.

It also means you will need to submit an account number for each claim you wish to make. If you’ve lost or forgotten account numbers or even entire agreements, this could prove tricky and could potentially mean missing out on a refund.

Conversely, if you choose a good PPI claims company to handle your claims for you, they will do all the investigations to find every policy you have that has PPI attached and will handle the entire process, including completing the majority of the claim form and then dealing with your bank throughout the process.

Most importantly, if you’ve forgotten old account numbers, this shouldn’t be a problem for a good claims company as they will have arrangements in place with most of the main high street banks that circumvent the need for account numbers. Just your full name and previous address history is all they should need.

As with all service industries, there will be a fee involved but for many busy people, it’s worth it because the company saves them a lot of time and added stress.

How Much Is Your PPI Claim Worth?

It can be good to know how much you can expect to win back from your PPI claim. Our PPI refund calculator guide is a helpful resource for finding that figure out before you get your claim started.