In just two years, the Financial Conduct Authority will shut down government support for claiming refunds from a mis-sold PPI. Despite being fair or not, consumers have a crucially short time to regain their £3000 worth of refunds. To make sure you succeed, here are three things to remember.


Account Numbers

Immediately rectify missing or forgotten account numbers. This serves as a sign towards mortgage payers from 10 to 20 years in the past. You may have forgotten your mortgage account numbers, but there are ways to recall them, such as running a personal credit check or conducting a data access request from your lender.

Fill Out Your Information Correctly

Upon performing a personal credit check or DAR, fill out the most important details of your complaint effectively. Lenders need your account number and other personal details to ensure you did purchase a PPI from their bank without your knowledge.

Claims Management Representatives

Having a claims management company work with you might not be up your alley, but they can invest the time needed to get your PPI complaints while you are at work. In case of elderly clients, they can become the legs that allow them to claim their refunds.

The best part with CMCs is that they work under a no win no fee basis, allowing you to see if you do have a mis-sold PPI policy and pay only if the CMC could help you reclaim your refunds.