Strange at it may seem, the hint of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice as the only real thing in the Total Recall PPI advertisement to raise awareness has resulted into something more bizarre. Advertising agency M&C Saatchi, responsible for developing the particular campaign, uses a robotic puppet with Arnold’s artificial face talking to consumers to “just do it,” pertaining to making a complaint.

The £42.2 million advertising campaign began at exactly 29 August 2017 and it will end on the exact month and day in 2019. The “old-fashioned” public service announcement is intended to “annoy” consumers into acting on their mis-sold insurance and claiming their refunds. The FCA believes the UK’s afflicted had not made any moves in the last few years because no deadline is urging them to make a complaint.

However, consumer groups are defiant against the deadline because banks and the rest of the financial industry have yet to make the claims process simpler. The FCA had echoed this call to the sector, who promised they will improve the procedures for customers.

Mis-sold PPI numbers are estimated to be at 16 million from the year 2000 to 2009. The number might still be bigger because UK’s banking industries have sold the product since the 90s. The total refund package is now at £40 billion, the biggest in the history of the United Kingdom.