PPI Essentials: The PPI Claim Form

PPI Claim Form

Whether you decide to claim PPI yourself or whether you use a professional PPI claims company, a PPI claim form is an essential part of the process.

If you employ the services of a PPI claims company to win back your money for you, you won’t need to worry too much about the claim form. Most of that will be taken care of for you, aside from signing it of course, which must be done by you.

If you’re thinking of claiming PPI by yourself, however, you will need to fill out the claim form in its entirety by yourself. You can click here to download a PPI claim form and get started with your claim.

Keep in mind that you will need to print out one PPI claim form for every claim you wish to make. So if you have three separate credit agreements [loans, mortgages or any other finance] that all have PPI attached (and which you believe were mis-sold) you’ll need three separate claim forms—one for each claim.

What You’ll Need To Complete Your PPI Claim Form

There are two questions on the 11 page PPI claim form that require account numbers to be provided. They are questions A4 and C1.

Question A4 asks for the account number of the payment protection policy itself, as shown below:

PPI Claim Form - Question A4

Question C1 asks for the account number of the finance agreement that the PPI was meant to cover, shown below:

PPI Claim Form - Question C1

In order to complete your PPI claim form by yourself, you must have the policy number of the payment protection insurance you’re complaining about. Without these account numbers, your claim can’t get started.

So what can you do if you no longer have your paperwork for the finance agreements you wish to claim for? The good news is that it doesn’t mean your claim will falter before it’s even got started.

If you’ve forgotten one or more of your account numbers or you have a nagging doubt about an old policy, here a couple of useful tips on what you can do.

Obtaining Account Numbers That You’ve Forgotten

You’ll probably be pleased to hear that forgetting an account number is not the end of the road. How simple or challenging it will be to obtain is dependent on a couple of things. One of which is whether you’ll be claiming by yourself or whether you’d like us to win your money back for you.

If you’ve decided that you’d like us to handle your claim for you, then getting your account numbers and completing your PPI claim form is pretty simple. The main reason being that for several months now, we have been negotiating with many of the main banks and lenders ways to make claiming PPI simpler.

We now have special agreements in place with many of the main banks that allow us to get claims started without account numbers.

How Does Claiming PPI Without Account Numbers Work?

The agreements we have in place have slight variations depending on the particular bank. Basically, though, you just need to provide two things:

  1. Your full name, and
  2. The address you were living at when you took out the finance agreement

We’ll then submit that information to your bank, which they’ll use to search through their entire database of records. They’ll be looking for all kinds of credit agreements you may have ever had with them. In addition, some of these banks (but not all) will also be able to check the databases of their sister companies too.

So What Are the Variations to This Agreement?

With other lenders, the agreement is slightly different. These lenders also require your name and the address you were living at when you took the agreement out. In addition, they also require one account number from you. The good news, though, is that it can be any account number.

For example, if you do your banking with the bank in question, you can provide the account number of your current account. Even though it’s not related to PPI, it will allow your bank to search through their database for your entire credit history with them.

As with other banks mentioned above, many of these banks (but not all of them) will also be able to use your information to search the records of their sister companies too.

These agreements have really helped speed up the PPI claims process. And for anyone that has forgotten their account numbers, these agreements have really been helping to get the all important PPI claim forms completed so that their claims can get started.

Is This Agreement Available To Individuals?

Unfortunately it’s not.

If you’re ready to complete your PPI claim form but you can’t remember your account number, you’ll need to go a different route if you wish to claim by yourself. It’s more involved than giving us your name and the address you were loving at when you took out the agreement, but it is very much achievable.

Here’s What You Will Need To Do

To get your account number and then complete your PPI claim form, you’ll need to run a credit check on yourself. There are many services available for doing this and we recommend either Credit Expert or Noddle.

Credit Expert offers a trial period, after which it is a paid service. Just make sure you cancel the agreement before your trail period expires and it won’t cost you a penny. Noodle is free all the time.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Enter your information into whichever service you have chosen to use.
  2. Print out your report and go through it to look for any credit agreements that have PPI attached. Remember: PPI often went by other names, so look for labels such as ‘Accident and Sickness Cover (ASU)’ as well as ‘PPI’.
  3. Make a note of the finance agreements that have PPI attached and then contact the bank or lender of those policies to ask for copies of the paperwork.
  4. Once you have your paperwork, use the information on it to complete your PPI claim form and get your claim started.

Remember that you will need to complete one PPI claim form for every claim you wish to make.

Alternatively, Have Your PPI Claim Form Completed For You

If you do decide to use a PPI claims company to win back your money for you, they’ll also complete the majority of your PPI claim form for you. When we take on a claim for our clients, we spend time with them on the phone going over their entire finance history, filling in all the necessary parts of the claim form for them.

We then send the PPI claim form out to the client where all they have to do is sign it. Signing the form acknowledges that all the information is correct and that you have asked us to handle your claim for you.

If you’ve decided to handle your own PPI claims, here’s the link again to download your PPI claim form (and remember to print off one for each claim you wish to make).

How Far Back Can You Claim PPI?

If you have policies that are quite old and you’re not sure how far back you can claim, there’s an article on that subject which will answer your questions. Click here to find out how far back PPI claims can go..