It Has Many Names

PPI or payment protection insurance isn’t exactly called PPI per se. It has a host of other names.

It may include payment insurance, protection payments, mortgage payment protection, credit card repayment insurance, loan repayment policy and more.

Banks and employees have cooked up plenty of ways to mis-sell PPI to consumers and changing its name to ‘wash out’ the old undesirable appeal is one of them.

You Can Claim On Your Own

Even if PPI Claims and Advice has its own PPI refund claiming service for you, the company strictly encourages that you get your refunds if you can.

Our free consultation service is ever-present to help you iron out details of your claim. These include answering the refund questionnaire your bank could provide you, understanding the financial details you possess on hand and other information you might find unnecessary but have crucial parts in your claim.

But even if the PPI claims process is ‘easy’, it isn’t ‘simple’ enough to understand the first time you make a claim. And you’re only making a single claim.

It Can Be Worth It To Hire a CMC

PPI Claims And Advice has its own PPI Refund Service to help you reclaim refunds at the shortest time possible. With a no win no fee policy, you would not pay anything until the CMC has finished evaluating and delivered results for your PPI claim. It can be worth it because it can save you time and money in the process.