Sometimes, we can be forgetful as people. Remembering details from almost 20 years ago is a difficult undertaking, but one that is still possible to do. Sadly, in the case of payment protection insurance, we would need the complete details of our lender to help us make a claim for our refund.

Here are three ways to claim PPI against a lender you have forgotten.

Credit File

To get the name of your lender, you could check your credit file. Call a credit score company and have them look up your name. They would tell about your current credit score and the lenders who worked with you. You can see the name of your lender from here.


Land registries for mortgage lenders can list down for you a number of lenders, one of which is possibly your lender. Registries can find lenders who financed your house. But there is no guarantee you can track them down with this method, but still, this is a better way. It also involves a small fee.

Branch Office

If you still remember the city your lender established itself during the time, you can ask the local government to provide you a list of lenders in the area.