A wrongly-filled PPI claim form would lead to multiple returns to the bank or Financial Ombudsman because of erroneous information or multiple rejections. The PPI claim form is the first inquiry type you are to submit to both your bank or Financial Ombudsman and filling out all questions properly is crucial to a quicker PPI claims processing.

Important Questions

Question A4 asks for your account number for PPI. The insurance serial number is important for the bank’s database to verify the insurance policy’s existence in their system.

Question C1 would then ask you about the financing agreement both you and the bank settled, which the PPI covers.

Forgotten/Missing Information Details

You paid decades for your mortgage covered by an insurance policy you did not intend to buy. If you have forgotten or misplaced your account’s information details, a data access request (DAR) costs about¬† ¬£10 but it helps you find your account information and other details effectively. A CMC could also do this for you free of charge. Here’s how to begin a traditional PPI claim with a CMC.

Making a Claim Without Paperwork

To make a PPI claim without paperwork, you can run a credit check on yourself. The check would allow you to see your transaction history with almost every bank you have interacted. This history makes it easier to know the possible account numbers of your missing mis-sold PPI too.