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PPI claims advice

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been mis-sold PPI, or at least suspect you have. So now you’d like to get back the money that is rightfully yours. Perhaps you need some PPI claims advice or have some questions about the claims process.

Comprehensive PPI Claims Advice

A main objective of this site is to provide advice specifically about the PPI claims process, as well as about the PPI scandal generally.

There’s still quite a lot of confusion surrounding the subject of claiming back money from mis-sold PPI. The articles, advice and information you’ll find here will provide you with comprehensive answers to the most common PPI questions, as well as the less common questions too.

If it’s help you’re after in starting a claim to get back your money from mis-sold PPI, you might be wondering which is the best PPI company to help you do that. With so many to choose from and a fair amount of conflicting advice out there, we aim to provide you with the key points to consider before handing your claim over.

Did You Know?

One of the most common reasons many people haven’t claimed back their money from mis-sold PPI is because they have lost or forgotten their account numbers from older policies or they no longer have their paperwork.

When the PPI claims scandal first started, not having the account number was a big problem because without such information, the banks wouldn’t even look at the claim. Much has changed since the scandal first broke and now there are things you can do if you don’t have your paperwork or account number.

Most Popular PPI Questions and Answers

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How Do I Know If I Was Mis-sold PPI?

Knowing you have PPI is one thing, but how do you know if it was mis-sold or not? This article explains the key areas that constitute being mis-sold.

How Far Back Can You Claim PPI?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding around the rules of when you can or can’t claim on mis-sold PPI. As a result, many people are leaving money sitting on the table. Don’t be one of them; find out how far back your PPI claims can go.

How Do I Make A PPI Claim?

So, you know your PPI was mis-sold and you know how far back you can claim PPI, but how do you actually make a claim? Learn how to make a PPI claim here.

How Do I Choose The Best PPI Claim Company To Handle My Claims For Me?

Many people prefer to have a PPI claims company handle their claims for them, but there are many to choose from. Find out how to choose the best PPI claim company.

What Do I Do If I’ve Forgotten My Account Number or Lost My Paperwork?

Forgetting your account number used to be a problem because without it, your bank wouldn’t even look at your claim. That is no longer a problem for our clients because we have negotiated a special arrangement with many of the main banks and lenders. You can find out how you can claim PPI without paperwork or account numbers here.

How Do ‘No Win No Fee PPI Claims’ Work?

One of the considerations in choosing a good PPI claim company is whether they work on a no win no fee basis. This article explains everything about no win no fee PPI claims.

How Do I Calculate What I’m Owed From Mis-sold PPI?

Having an idea of what you can expect to get back from your bank or lender before you start your claim is a good idea. If your bank comes back with an offer considerably less than you were expecting, you can challenge them for more. Here’s how to calculate your PPI refund figure.

Am I Entitled to Compensation If I Was Mis-sold PPI?

Once you’re sure your PPI was mis-sold and you have an idea of how much your refund should be, you’ll also want to know about your right to compensation. This article explains what PPI compensation is and how it’s calculated.

Can You Claim PPI On…?

PPI was added to all kinds of credit and loan agreements. Can you claim on some but not on others? This short article will tell you what you can claim PPI on.

Where Can I Download A PPI Claim Form?

Before you start your PPI claim, you’ll need to complete a form for each claim. This article provides a link to download a PPI claim form.

What’s The Latest PPI News?

The PPI scandal has been going on for several years now, but that hasn’t stopped it being in the news on a regular basis. Get the latest news on all things PPI here.